Hello January

I realise I am a bit late to the party, with most writers having already done their writing resolutions, but I have been considering my aims and plans for this year.

I have been finding getting back into the writing particularly difficult this month. It is possibly because I gave myself a whole week off around Christmas, which must be a first, as previously I always had a number of writing projects on the go and used to be up against a lot of deadlines. Since I gave up the business of writing and editing for others to concentrate on fiction, there hasn’t been such a sense of urgency. So far this month, I have managed to submit a piece to be considered for an anthology, have entered one writing competition and have done a bit of work on my third novel, but that’s it. I suffer a bit from SAD syndrome this time of year so I have to push myself, otherwise I might easily go into hibernation until the weather is warmer.

But my plans for this year include trying to publish my first children’s novel in paperback, attend some writing events, write lots more short stories for both adults and children, start writing a children’s picture book, brush up my social media skills, travel a bit for inspiration, plus catch up with some old friends I haven’t seen for a while.

Good luck to everyone with their resolutions, and please feel free to ask me how mine are going and give me a shove!



4 thoughts on “Hello January

  1. tracyfbaines says:

    I think the end of January is the perfect time to make plans. Most people feel jaded when the new year comes around and I think that’s why so many resolutions go by the wayside. Good luck with achieving all of your writing goals, Carol


  2. mapike2013 says:

    Well done , you’ve certainly beaten me. I haven’t managed any writing this year until today🙁. My excuse is that we were away for the first two weeks🙂. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday. X


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