Wordy weekend

It’s been quite an exciting weekend. I was looking forward to, but with some trepidation, the Bournemouth Hospital Radio Bedside Children’s Story finals night. I had prepared some notes, in case I needed them, for any potential questions being asked over the air. Luckily I didn’t need them.

I was one of four finalists with my story Lost and Found. Our tales had been recorded by four different readers, and it was such a pleasure to hear the stories over the radio. We were also introduced to the listeners by presenter Helen Johns. Then the nail-biting moment came. Who would win?

In the end, a wonderfully imaginative Zombies story won. The prize offered was to have the winning story published in the HRB magazine but we all received  CDs of the recording. We were assured our stories would be featured from time to time on the radio, too. It was a fun evening and one I won’t forget.

Another exciting moment came when I opened the mail and found a cheque from a magazine publisher. I realised it was for an article I had written for Yours magazine in January. It was great to track down the magazine and see my piece in print. It’s the first consumer magazine piece I have sold. I have written loads for the trade press, charity press, local media, websites and more over the years. This was just a one-pager but it meant a lot.

Pictured: Head judge Sandy Neville, winner Tania, Della Galton, David Kendrick, Marianne Ashurst, Carol Waterkeyn. Photo: courtesy of Bournemouth Hospital Radio Bedside