Excited to be shortlisted

I have been shortlisted for Bournemouth’s Hospital Radio Bedside Children’s story competition. What’s even more exciting is that two people I know – writers Marianne, and David – have also been shortlisted as finalists. I’m not sure who the other finalist is at this point.

Towards the end of April we will be at a function at the Hospital Radio Bedside studio. Our shortlisted stories will be read out over the radio while we sip a glass of something (needed for Dutch courage) and then each of us will be interviewed over the airwaves. Finally, the judges will make their decision and the winner will be announced.

My story is about an unusual friendship that develops between two children who have each come up against obstacles in their lives. Wish me luck!




Blue Mum

A very short story for Mother’s Day

 Helen was feeling a bit blue. It was the first Mother’s Day she had spent on her own. Peter had got up at the crack of dawn to play golf at the club and both April and Jenni were sleeping over at a mate’s house after a Saturday night slumber party. There wasn’t even a card or a cup of tea to commemorate the day. They’d obviously forgotten.

‘Oh well,’ she sighed, ‘suppose I’ll have to make my own cup of tea and toast this morning.’ At least the dog was pleased to see her and wagged his tail.

‘Good job you love me, Buster!’ She knelt down on the wood laminate and stroked his head. He put a blond paw on her knee as if he sympathised. Then she got up, switched on the kettle, pulled up the blind and gazed out into the back garden. The cherry tree was in blossom and the narcissi flower heads trembled in the breeze.

Helen shared her toast with Buster then let him out into the sun-dappled garden while she ran herself a deep bath. She threw in some rose-scented crystals that the girls had bought her at Christmas. The house was beautifully peaceful. She found an orchestral CD, put it on and enjoyed the serenity and relaxation while soaking among the floral steam of the bathroom and the beautiful joyful music. Maybe it wasn’t so bad spending Mother’s Day by yourself, after all.

She thought about the girls’ own noisy music and arguments, the every morning clamour for the single bathroom, and Peter’s booming voice telling them all to hurry up as he wanted to shave.

She smiled to herself, and then laughed out loud. This was the best Mother’s Day present ever!

© Carol Waterkeyn  Image: Free Pixels. previously published on http://www.totally4women.com