The time has come…

I am at the end of the first week of my new business. It’s been scary and exciting all at the same time. I’ve met some really interesting people, learned a lot, and have even had time to do a bit of writing.

Monday – I sat at my home desk and realised that I was on my own. There was no more bantering with my lovely workmates, and no schedule to follow. I did have the company of my cat Holly; although she is not very good for bouncing ideas off as she tends to sleep mostly. I had a few frustrations setting up spreadsheets for my accounts and even worse, it took me an hour to sort out an invoice template as my logo wouldn’t work. Normally I would just ask one of the designers in my office – not any longer!

Tuesday – Oh joy, my laptop decided to start playing up. Talk about bad timing, just when I needed it the most. I managed to get it to limp along for the rest of the day as I planned my marketing materials and waited for my stationery to arrive. I stayed in all day and the said stationery arrived at 5.45pm!

Wednesday – After checking my emails and social media I went along to the first ever Business Jelly in my area. The mind quite boggled and I was more than a little curious to see what this actually involved. It sounded kind of sticky! It’s an idea that has come over from America and is aimed at people who are either homeworkers, or running their own small business. It can be rather lonely working on your own so the idea is that you meet with other such mortals in a cafe or similar, while you work on your laptop or paperwork. It’s not networking, it’s more about companionship and bouncing ideas of each other. If you gel (‘scuse the pun) then you might want to meet up on a regular basis. I came away with information on some free start-up business courses in my area, also about some networking groups, a couple of potential suppliers and the possibility of a client in the future. As it was the first ‘Jelly’ we didn’t get much work done as we were busy talking and introducing ourselves. But, I will definitely go again.

Thursday – Unfortunately I had to wait in again for my metal filing cabinet to arrive. This time,though, the delivery was at a reasonable time and the delivery guy managed to carry it up the drive and over the threshold all by himself. He’d obviously had his porridge that morning, or should that be spinach? I’d planned to sort out my contacts, devise mailing lists and more and, the computer decided to be sick again. This time my husband took the drastic action of taking out all of the screws and hoovering it out, then running all the anti-virus scans and doing all the updates. It seemed to do the trick temporarily but I hastily backed everything up just in case. It’s not doing my blood pressure much good. I resorted to checking on-line for new computers just in case.

Friday – Today I had to get up mega early for a business network breakfast meeting. Thankfully I’d prepared in case I was supposed to say a few words about my business. The other people there were obviously very well rehearsed in doing this. I don’t think I fluffed it, so I will be able to go back. It was good to see a couple of faces there I knew. I swapped business cards with, and got to chat to, several interesting people. The full English was rather nice (but don’t tell my Weight Watchers leader!) I came back and made some calls.This afternoon I’ve been putting the finishing touches to a leaflet and doing some research and I have just realised I have survived my first week in business. Hurrah!